SaaS marketing shouldn’t
be rocket science.

But it often feels like it is. That’s why Codi exists.

Codi is a team of SaaS experts who have been where you are: trying to grow a SaaS business through marketing, without a bottomless budget and against ambitious goals.

Founders often get stuck between hiring a CMO for strategic direction and experience, or hiring a Marketing Manager to roll their sleeves up and start executing marketing campaigns. We believe your vision deserves the best of both worlds.

We give you all the expertise, passion and diligence of the best in-house marketing team, without having to compromise between strategy and execution or blow your marketing budget on both. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

Discover how Codi can support you.

Whether you’re just getting started with marketing and looking for support taking off, or you’re already in orbit and need some more fuel to reach your goals, Codi can help.

Meet our founder.

Image of Louise Read, founder of Codi Marketing

Louise has spent over 14 years scaling B2B SaaS companies through marketing taking multiple business from Seed to IPO.

Having been in the shoes of everyone from a Marketing Manager to a CMO and now a founder, she realised that acquiring both the experience to build a go-to-market strategy and the resources to execute against it is near impossible for SaaS start-ups.

That’s why she started Codi: To deliver the marketing expertise, experience and execution capabilities B2B SaaS start-ups need to grow.

Find out how you could benefit from working with Codi.

Discover how Codi can support you.