The best B2B marketing agencies for SaaS businesses in London

Choosing the right B2B marketing agency for your SaaS business is critical in helping you achieve your growth goals. Which is why we’ve compiled our list of the best B2B marketing agencies in London just for you.


When it comes to choosing a B2B marketing agency to support your businesses growth goals, only the best will do. A good B2B marketing agency should be the Robin to your Batman, the Watson to your Sherlock, a key partner in your growth. They should be the expert team you can call on when you need support building an inbound funnel, driving opportunities and ultimately growing your ARR. They need to deliver a stellar service that moves the needle for your business. 


But finding the best of the best can be challenging – marketing agencies, especially in London, are two a penny. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff and ensure you are choosing the best in class B2B marketing agency to support your growth targets? We’re here to help. We’ve compiled our list of the best B2B marketing agencies in London for your perusal below. 


If you haven’t read it already, check out our guide to choosing a B2B marketing agency for expert guidance in what to look out for and consider as you hunt for your ideal agency partner. 


Best full service B2B marketing agency – Codi 

If you’re just getting started with marketing, or looking to build out strategies across a whole range of channels, your best bet is to look for a superstar full service agency. In a nutshell, full service agencies offer services spanning a whole range of marketing channels, from content marketing to paid media, all the way through to PR support and email marketing. Generally speaking, these agencies are the ones who work closely with founders, marketing leaders and sales teams to deliver marketing that aligns with your targets and not simple one channel in isolation ( like an seo agency might) they think through your overarching G2M strategy and then deliver it.


Codi is a full service B2B marketing agency that gives you access to a full fractional marketing team on tap. Based in London, they work specifically with B2B SaaS and Tech companies. With over 20 years experience in growing SaaS and Tech companies from Seed to IPO, they are an ideal growth partner for Series A and B software businesses. 


Why they’re the best in class: 

  • They provide access to CMO level expertise, without the price tag or commitment of hiring in-house. 
  • Expertise in a specific industry. When it comes to SaaS and Tech, the team at Codi knows the industry and how to build a successful marketing function like the back of their hand. 
  • Their business model is more akin to a fractional marketing team, than a typical agency. With their emphasis on building relationships as colleagues, not clients, you can be sure they’ll give as much of a damn about your success as you do. 


Services offered

You can check out the full details of the services Codi offers on their B2B marketing services page, but here are the highlights: 


  • B2B Marketing Strategy 
  • Content Marketing & SEO
  • Paid Media
  • Website 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Product Marketing
  • PR
  • MarTech and Reporting 


Best B2B PR agency Element Communications 


PR in general often gets a bad rep. It’s a channel that challenges all the rules of attribution, so is often forgotten or dismissed. Any marketing team worth its weight, however, knows that PR is critical to amplifying a brand and growing market share.


These attribution challenges mean there is an additional level of complexity in choosing and evaluating a B2B PR agency. It’s harder to measure ROI, which often means it’s easier for agencies to get away with doing… well… not very much. 


That’s why we’ve gone with Element Communications as our best B2B PR agency.  They’re a communications agency that has a roster of clients not to be taken lightly – from InsurTech and FinTech to Cyber Security, the team at Element Communications know how to cut through the noise and deliver tangible results for clients across all corners of B2B SaaS. 


Our team at Codi have collaborated directly with Element Communications for our clients and we find them one the most knowledgeable, reliable and impactful PR agencies we’ve come across – and we’ve been in this space a long ol’ time!   


Why they’re the best in class: 

  • Expertise in B2B tech PR
  • They have a strong reputation for leading communication strategies for some of the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing technology brands.
  • They have a whole host of case studies demonstrating their impact, so you don’t have to just take their word for it. 


Services offered

  • Visual communications 
  • Content communications 
  • Reputations management 
  • Crisis communications
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Media relations


Best B2B product marketing agency – Troubadour 


At Codi we hear it all the time from founders that developing their own product messaging and positioning is a real challenge. When you’re so in the weeds of your solution day in, day out, stepping back and establishing an effective product marketing strategy is really tricky. 


That’s where B2B product marketing agencies can come in really helpful. They’re third party experts who can take a look at your product offering without bias, with fresh eyes and wealth of experience and help you to determine how best to position your business for success. 


At Troubador, they work specifically with early stage B2B SaaS and Tech start-ups to deliver go-to-market and product marketing strategies that move the dial. If you’re just getting started with marketing, we find that enlisting the help of both a B2B product marketing agency alongside a full service B2B marketing agency is the killer combo to get the best results from your marketing.

Why they’re the best in class: 

  • Niche expertise in early stage B2B SaaS and Tech businesses
  • They practice what they preach – their founder’s LinkedIn is a treasure trove of laughs, and both him and Troubador offer regular insights and updates. 
  • A whole host of positive testimonials from clients, reflecting their expertise, impact and how easy it is to work with the team. 


Services offered

  • Product positioning
  • ICP definition 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Value propositions 
  • Messaging frameworks and hierarchy
  • Sales enablement 


Best B2B social media agency – OST


For more mature marketing teams, who have the majority of channels covered in house, hiring a dedicated social media agency may be a good idea. After all, it’s a brilliant channel for driving brand awareness and growing a community, but like all good things, it takes a lot of time, effort and input. 


When it comes to choosing any agency, it’s a good idea to take a look at their client list and ask yourself three questions: 


  1. Are these reputable legitimate brands? 
  2. Do they have any clients that demonstrate expertise in my industry? 
  3. Does the output (in this case the social media presence) they’re generating for their existing clients, align with my aspirations for this channel? 


For B2B SaaS businesses, the answer to these questions regarding OST is a resounding yes. Working with and achieving great results for SaaS giant Salesforce will do that for you. 


The only drawback? For businesses that don’t have a mature internal marketing function, their expert focus on social media may be limiting. 


Why they’re the best in class: 

  • The Drum and B2B Marketing Award winners. 
  • Examples of the tangible results they’re driven for enterprise tech businesses.
  • They practice what they preach – their LinkedIn is a treasure trove of laughs, insights and updates. 


Services offered

  • B2B Influencer Marketing 
  • Social Strategy 
  • Global B2B Social Media 
  • Social Executive Communications 
  • Community Management


Best B2B paid media agency – Semetrical 


Apart from having a really punny marketing name (SEM – metric – al, get it?) Semetrical lead the pack when it comes to specialist B2B paid media agencies. If you’re looking for a specialist paid media agency who can deliver results at scale for enterprise clients – look no further – their work with Cloudfare is a great example of what these guys can do.


Top Tip from the Codi Team: 

A big consideration when deciding if a specialist paid media agency is right for you, is what sort of paid media budget you’re working with. If you’re setting aside a few thousand to a couple of hundred pounds each month, splashing out on a specialist agency is probably not worth it. Work with a full service agency, use your budget for testing and experimentation, find out what works best for your business and use these learnings to feed into an in-house paid media specialist, freelancer or agency further down the line. 


As with all specialist agencies, they’re a great option if you already have a good level of in-house expertise to provide direction, implement strategies and execute supporting channels and just need specific paid media support, however if this isn’t the case you’re better off looking for a full-service marketing agency that offers paid media strategy and execution, like Codi, instead. 


Why they’re the best in class: 

  • In-house built technology to support in the attribution of your paid media efforts
  • Experience working with enterprise SaaS clients 
  • Offer support with SEO as well for a cohesive search strategy. 

Services offered

  • PPC
  • B2B PPC 
  • Display advertising 
  • Google ads 
  • LinkedIn advertising 
  • Facebook advertising


Best B2B SEO agency – Skale 


For a lot of businesses, SEO is seen as a bit of a dark art. You know what it stands for, in theory what it is and that you should be doing it – but actually implementing an SEO strategy is where things fall apart. We get it. It’s one of the most rapidly changing marketing channels, from Google’s algorithm updates, to the influence of AI, keeping on top of it, without a dedicated in-house specialist or outsourced support is near impossible. 


That’s why many turn to specialist SEO agencies. These folk live, eat and breathe SEO day in, day out and are willing to dive as deep into the rabbit hole as you want to go (providing you’ve got the £££). At Skale, they have a team of SEO experts who can assist you with everything from technical SEO, to on-page SEO to link building. 


Why they’re the best in class: 

  • Proven SEO success stories for SaaS clients 
  • Full-coverage SEO expertise 
  • They’re jargon-busting impact makers. When it comes to SEO it’s so easy to bury people in complex language and ultra detailed analysis that leaves you screaming “but what does that actually MEAN?!”. Not Skale, they create strategies you understand that deliver results you care about.  

Services offered

  • SEO Management
  • Technical SEO 
  • On-page SEO
  • SEO Website Migrations
  • Link Building


The agency world’s your oyster

With so many options available for both full-service and specialist marketing agencies in London, a laser focus on what you’re trying to achieve is critical to making the right choice. 


If you’re looking to develop a well-rounded marketing function from scratch, fill in multiple in-house gaps or experiment with a multitude of channels, the best full service marketing agency in London is Codi. 


If you’re looking for support in one specific area, like PR or Product Marketing to supplement your in-house marketing team, you should consider reaching out to one of the best in class solutions listed above. 


Looking for a full-service agency? Meet Codi 

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